The inflatable photo booth is the latest trending product at formal or semi-formal events. Taking pictures has now become even more exciting, thanks to this. What is interesting about the inflatable photo booth is its design, its ability to accommodate a crowd and the fact that it is portable! It has become more of an attraction at social dos and everyone wants to hop in to get a snap. The popular inflatable photo booths are the ones with LED lights which have a variety of spunky colors to choose from like purple, pink, green etc. Then you have the igloo shaped inflatable photo booths which not only make for good pictures but also pose as a great display at events. Another great thing about these booths is their high resolution cameras which guarantee great pictures. You no longer have to worry about grainy photos.Finally, if you like your memories to be captured with some pizzazz, I suggest you invest in this beauty. Best part is, it is easy to fold and transport to any place you like and wherever you go, you will be much liked as you provide such a fun platform for taking pictures. So waste no time and go book now!